About AHR

Our mission: to broadcast the many horses that pass through the California auctions, so some can be saved and the rest will not be forgotten.


Magdalena's Pride, Ontario Auction May 2013Auction Horses Rescue is a 501c3-pending organization, based out of Santa Clarita, CA. We were founded in January 2012, after Megan Gaynes attended the first, of what became many, Southern California auctions. Confronted with the sight of so many unwanted and discarded horses, a high percentage of which were Thoroughbred ex-racehorses, Megan started off with the aim of identifying and reuniting these animals with those who might have once cared for them. Since then, we have built a large audience of horse lovers who watch us daily on Facebook. Through networking, donations and offers of fosters and forever homes, we have been able to rescue, re-home and rehabilitate countless numbers of horses in the short 18 months we have been operating. Sixty two of the horses were ex racers that were identified by the tattoo on their upper lip. These horses are in particular danger of landing in Mexico or Canada on a slaughter truck and the older Thoroughbred broodmares have becomes somewhat of a passion for us here at AHR.

The day to day functions of the organization are shared between Megan Gaynes and Anne Kent. Megan is constantly on the move, driving from one auction to the next, talking with potential fosters and adopters, while at the same time, caring for her own horses and a number of horses being rehabilitated and waiting for their new homes. Anne Kent assists with decision making, horse placement, web and press postings and also cares for a number of horses being rehabilitated by the organization. We work with other rescue organizations when possible and have also helped a number of horses from Central and Northern California Auctions.

Auction Horses Rescue supports the continued existence of horse auctions, as without them, a valuable tool for finding and identifying horses would be lost. Without these auctions, many of these horses would go from backyard to feed lot to Mexico-bound slaughter truck, with little hope of rescuers having the chance to intervene and deliver them to safety.

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4 thoughts on “About AHR

  1. Vanessa Bartoo

    What is your mailing address, I would like to mail a check, and I cant find where to physically mail one to?

  2. Nancy Bunner

    Would Like An Application For Adoption. Cannot Find One On Your Site Thank you

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